Friday, August 14, 2009


Its funny,every morning you wake up get dressed and set off to work,ever wondered whats on the mind of the guy with his head down driving next to you in traffic?
No of course its his business,OK,picture this he gets up by 5am in the morning goes to work,sit behind his desk the whole day signing papers,by 6pm work is over for the day,but he has to make sure the office is in good order so he inspects,by 7pm he is ready to leave for home and sets off.
Note that within this period his kids went to school without seeing their dad and are back preparing to sleep.He[the dad],is stuck in traffic for almost 2hrs,gets home at about 10pm and his kids have gone to bed,well he kisses them good night in their sleep,eats late then try to sleep and this goes on every work day of his life,this guy doesn't know what his kids school look like,neither does he know how they are fairing,he has forgotten what it felt like to have fun,of course since he left college,he hasn't had any.
Then you meet a guy like this and tell him its possible to work and have fun and he says"GO TO H*LL",do you blame him?.First he is a Nigerian,then you mentioned internet and he is familiar with the word yahoo yahoo and of course,he is leaving the life of an everyday Nigerian.
Therefore,as a Nigerian network marketer,I'm prepared for the world around me.Do you want to live a life of choice,financial freedom,be your own boss and have fun all at the same time?Guess what?you are in the right place just see want people are saying about this future concept in the present that is changing their lives,CLICK see their testimonies and when you are done,take a tour and see how you can attain this life style.
Take charge of your life today,opportunities like this don't come around very often,your destiny is in your hands.action is the watch word! just ACT !!! by taking a tour of this great opportunity of WORK AND PLAY thank you.

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